R 1018

Technical Specification


R 1018 VAR/VAL

Container chassis in center position

Intermodal vehicle/ trailer



R 1018 VA-2 Special construction

rec. gross container weight: max. 25.400 kg


Locking pin: ø 38 mm [ISO]

can be screwed down, operated

from the side, retractable

Condition at delivery: unmounted


* Locking nut 203

• Dimensions in position ready for mounting

Selection table / Available versions

Version Weight (kg) Order No. Drawing No.
Operation right 12.9 R 1018 VARV 905.429.010
Operation left 12.9 R 1018 VALV 905.429.020
Double 25.2 R 1018 VA-2V 905.614.000